In 2003 Steve Reich wrote Cello Counterpoint for eight cellos, meant to be performed by a soloist playing along with seven pre-recorded cellos. This innovation of expanding a solo into a large ensemble through pre-recorded additional layers offers an elegant way to augment the sonic palette of a solo performer while maintaining the simplicity and personality of a single player. In this program Ashley Bathgate presents her own recording of this cello octet as well as new works for the same instrumentation by Kettle Corn New Music composers Emily Cooley and Alex Weiser – new works written to be paired with the iconic Reich work in concert, and for an upcoming studio album. A recent work by Icelandic Canadian composer Fjóla Evans rounds out the program. Cooley, Weiser, and Evans represent the latest generation of composers, influenced by Reich’s work, bringing to it a broader harmonic, gestural, and dramatic vocabulary, keeping his ideas and legacy alive while building on and past it.